Bingo Fundraiser


1. Internet connection - Go to to enter game (a meeting ID will be emailed to you)

2. Computer, Laptop or Mobile device

3. We highly recommend playing cards are printed prior to game



1. No more than 5 cards may be purchased per game per player.

Note:  We recommend printing the playing cards for a easy way to mark card.

2. All players will be admitted into the game 30 mins prior to game time.  

Note:  Until such time, all players will remain in the waiting room.

3. No players will be admitted into the game after 10 mins of start time.

4. Only one device with player's name will be admitted into each game.

5. All players must enter game, via, using the specified meeting code, with the name used on registration form.

6. In the event we receive a registration for players with the same name, each player will receive an e-mail with instructions of how to enter the game.

Note:  The Host will only admit the names which were submitted on the registration form.



Should a player experience issues entering the game, please call 214-302-9517 for support.



1. Playing cards are non-refundable.

2. We are not responsible for internet connection issues/problems.

3. We are not responsible for volume issues/problems.  Numbers will be visible on screen.

4. All players will be muted and should remain muted.

5. If a player disconnects, they may reconnect, using registered name and will be admitted into the game to resume play.

6. The game calling will be conducted by a bingo automated calling system.  

7. We do not have the ability to alter numbers which will be called.

8. All called numbers will be displayed on screen.

9. It is the player's responsibility to view the calling board to see the called numbers.

10. We will not stop the game to help player's identify numbers which have been called during game time.

11. Player must be the first to unmute to yell "BINGO" to be recognized as the session's winner.

Note:  Zoom will display the player's name or picture which will designate to Host the winner.

12. Session will be recorded.

13. Players should be mindful that they may be seen if their camera is on.

14. We reserve the right to terminate a player's participation for any form of misconduct, offensive act, or disrespect of any form.

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Registration is Closed