2016-2017 Year in Review from our Chairwoman Patrice Ables Vance

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

Last year, Divas In Power supported Lighthouse Mentoring Center and raised over $2,000 and donated $500 to EvoKids.

Wow! What a year it has been since the Divas In Power “DIP” was established in September 2016. I tell you I couldn’t have envisioned the growth of the vision from the conception. I’ve been in sales and marketing for over 40 years and in the travel arena for more then 20 years.

Recently I had to make a major life changing decision, which included what would my legacy look like? I began to think about how blessed I am to have two wonderful children age thirty-one and

thirty-eight, four beautiful grandchildren and three adopted daughters.

I’ve always been a person who gives back to at-risk youth. In fact, I’ve been a foster-parent for over 30 years. So as a brand who was I? Well, I worked with DangerZoneTravel for 10 years but who was I as a brand. After speaking with my Bestie Linda Cash and my Transition Coach Dr. Pastor Nicole Shaw I moved forward with the creation of Divas In Power. I also reached out to Founder, David McCovy of Evolution Travel to ensure that there wouldn't be a conflict as an existing Travel Agent. He was excited and publicly announced his support for the Divas In Power. Our first community partners were EVOCares and EVOKids, and still continues today.

I’ve always been a person who gives back to at-risk youth. In fact, I’ve been a foster-parent for over 30 years.

Last year, Divas In Power supported Lighthouse Group Homes and raised over $2,000. We also donated $500 to Evolution Travel's EvoKids program. As we continue to grow, so has the mission and the vision. We’ve expanded our community service beyond children to include elderly, healthcare and critical illness. Also, I’m proud to announce that Divas In Power will have it's very own non-profit 501(c)3 organization which will ensure that we will be able to give-back to organizations while fundraising for the DIP’s mission.

We are growing and of course the Region’s Expansion Plan wouldn’t be possible without Regional Director, Solange Sanchez.

I know it takes a team and I couldn’t have done this without my Executive Board:

Linda Cash - Co-Chairperson, Finance & Contracts Director

LaTonja “TJ” Wilson - Sergeant At Arms & Merchandising Director

Dr. Nicole Shaw - Public Relations Director

Ruthie Cox - Travel Destination Director

Lynn Huddleston - Travel Destination Director

Solange Sanchez - Regional Director

Celia Paige - Secretary

I want to thank every Divas In Power member for supporting the vision and becoming part of the Women's Empowerment like none other. Yes, we do travel but we are more than just Travel Agents we are Divas.

Let’s glow and grow together!

Your CEO and Founder

Patrice Ables Vance

Divas In Power


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